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Dokuzparinskiy region



Dokuzparinskiy region is a pearl of the Republic of Daghestan. The region is unique and original. Dokuzpara fascinates by its inimitable nature richness and the centuries-old rich history. It’s not only a region of unearthly beauty with a charming prefix “the most” — the highest mountains, the fastest rivers, the most picturesque paths, the most diverse flora and fauna, amazing imagination spaces of drowning in green flat area and secret wonderful corners of oasis on the rocky ways.

Only here as if with the help of some magic one can see different seasons at the same time — you could say that the climate in Dokuzparinskiy region is different in every village: for example, when in Kurush (the most highland village in Europe!) there’s still snow, in the valley of Samur, in the villages Novo-Karakur, Usukhchay and Miskindja fruit trees are already in blossom — cornel, apricot, cherry, sweet cherry. Dokuzpara also represents mixture of cultures, traditions, confessions and still unsolved mysteries, which venerable historians and archaeologists try to solve, but without success. This amazing region is sort of a Mecca for scientists and those who want to worship the sacred places, by which Dokuzpara is known worldwide. Getting here, you understand — maybe, this is the mythic edge of the Earth.



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