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village Kurush


Kurush is not only the southernmost populated outskirts of  Russia, but also the most highland village in Caucasus and Europe. It’s almost literally, on this height that “it’s a stone’s throw to the stars”. Mountains embrace Kurush lovingly from all sides: from the east it’s gigantic Bazarduzu, from the west it’s The Great Caucasian Mountain Ringe. Below the village furious tributary of the Samur – Kurushvats – rages, squeezed and pacified by stone banks. It springs from mountains covered with everlasting snow. And how many fast, swift ice springs you can see there! Touch it in hot weather and you’ll burn your lips. 

A special sightseeing of this area is Kurushskaya hydroelectric power plant which has no analogues in the country. Water is dropped on it through closed in stony slope of the mountain steel pipes. Created thus pillar of water several hundred meters high, rushes with enormous strength into paddles of turbine, and it’s inferior only to its Swiss brother.



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