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The Republic of Dagestan, Akhtinskiy regoin

The Republic of Dagestan, Akhtinskiy regoin



Under the sultry sky of Daghestan a silent witness of past feats, victories and defeats stands – Akhti fortress. Its walls, raised by general Golovin in 1839 remember a lot of sorrowful and happy minutes. Historical and architectural significance of this building is confirmed on the state level – the fortress was given the status of a monument of federal significance. In its time Akhti fortress was the most southern fortification of the Russian Empire.

Everyone who reached this desert place can see an breathtaking and amazing the imagination view – the mighty stone walls still stand proudly, it seems, that they’re independent on the flow of time, and they remind of what events happened here. If these stones could speak, they could tell a lot. After the October revolution the fortress started to serve as a prison, but then its predestination suddenly changed. It’s unbelievable, but the rustling of pupils’ notebooks pages, sparkling children’s laughter were heard in the fortress – after the war a school was organized here. These severe walls have seen a lot in their lifetime.

In architectural aspect the fortress represents a complex, which includes powder cellar, Orthodox Church, soldiers’ barracks and the fortress’ walls themselves, enclosing previously situated here administration of the Samur valley from enemies’ attacks. The fortress is built on a principle of a pentagon. The armory of the fortress consisted of 11 fierce cannons and 6 artillery mortars. Thanks to an infantry position there was an ability of firing the approaches.

Surprisingly on a creation of the fortress, which has already over lasted almost two centuries, only forty days were required.



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