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The Sulakskiy canyon


The Sulakskiy canyon is a wonderful and majestic creation of nature in Daghestan. The canyon starts in the place where the river Sulak, rushing to the north, cuts the mountains and separates Salatau from the Gimrinskiy mountain ridge. The river sawed through the strata of limestones and sandstones for 53 kilometers. This canyon amazes with its grandiosity and resembles the famous canyon of the river Colorado in North America.

The depth of the Sulakskiy canyon is 1920 meters, which is considerably deeper, than the Grand Canyon in Colorado. The Sulakskiy canyon consists of three separate canyons, between which there are little expansions. The biggest of them is 18 kilometers long and it’s called the main canyon. It exceeds in size following it Chirkeiskiy and Miatlinskiy canyons. The main canyon’s slopes are crossed with hanging beams in some places.

The deepest place of this part of the canyon reaches 1900, the width is 3,5 kilometers, and below, near the water reservoir – from 20 to 45 meters. The slopes are very steep, almost forbidding, and in some places they form rocky steeps 200-300 meters high, and sometimes 600-800 meters, which are somewhere cut with structural terrace-like ledges. 

The most interesting monument of nature – the Sulakskiy canyon, and the huge water reservoir, which appeared here, became the place of pilgrimage for tourists and ethnographers. 



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