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Main Caucasian Mountain Ringe

The Republic of Dagestan, Dokuzparinskiy region


Perhaps, when the Creator was making this amazing land – Dokuzpara – He gave its people “lucky horseshoe” – breathtaking mountain landscape as a gift.

Bazarduzu (4466 meters) is the highest point of Daghestan, which top is considered to be one of the best decorations of the Main Caucasian Mountain Ringe, and it’s undoubtedly an alpinist symbol of its kind.

The Nesendag mountain (3928 meters) is inferior to its fierce neighbor in height, but on the other hand, it’s the most beautiful mountain, which regular pyramidal form is just charming. To the south-east of the beautiful Nesendag, the arduous mountain Ragdan (4020 meters) rises. And the Yaridag mountain (4116 meters) is one of the most grandiose mountain masses of Eastern Caucasus – and it can aspire to supremacy in “the Mountain Presidium”.



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