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The Republic of Dagestan, Gunibsky region

Gunib region is a mountain climate resort situated on a height of 1500 meters. There are more than 300 sunny days a year here. The ability to use the nature’s gifts all the year puts Gunib in a row of the best climatic resorts in the country. Here among silence, peace, sun, amazing air, republican children’s sanatorium “Gunib” is situated.Gunib plateau is natural mountain-botanical gardens with their own microclimate, vegetable and animal kingdom. The maximum height of Gunib plateau is 1800 meters.

Gunib plateau is basically covered with beautiful birch with pink bark and thick crown. It is relict birch Radde, discovered and described by a German botanist and geographer Gustav Radde, who visited the place after the end of the Caucasian war. The birch Radde is included into international Red book.  

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