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Dakhadaevskiy region

Dakhadaevskiy region is famous for its rich historical and cultural heritage and it is of huge interest for those who are fond of cultural-educational rest. In the richest cultural-historical heritage of Daghestan people a special place is taken by unique monument Kala-Koreish. It’s one of the most ancient population aggregate of Daghestan, which was the capital of a large feud — Kaytagskoe utsmiystvo, a famous political, ideological and cultural center of the area. Kala-Koreish is remarkable by the fact, that many wonderful monuments of history and culture are concentrated here (mosque of XII-XIII centuries with stucco mihrab, half-cylindrical or “sarcophagus-like” gravestones, mausoleum of Kaytagskie utsmiy, monuments of Arab epigraphy and others). This settlement was founded in VII century by those who came from the tribe of Quraishites (the tribe of descendants of the Prophet Muhammad) and was the first advanced post of Islam dissemination in the North Caucasus.

On the territory of Dakhadaevskiy region various fortification works are kept: fortress walls, a fortress wall with exit gates of XII century in the village Amuzgi, defensive, watch, signal and battle towers: the itsarinsk round signal and watchtower of XIII-XIV centuries, two kishinsk square watchtowers of XVI-XVII centuries, zubachinsk square signal tower of XIII-XIV centuries (monument of feudal significance), located in 12 kilometers to the north of the village Zubanchi, at the top of the elevation “Urgyechila”, two kubachi round defensive and watchtowers of XIII-XIV centuries, remains of the signal tower Djurmach and some round signal tower of XVI century and others. They are ancient witnesses of quite high level of development in mountainous Daghestan of stone-cutting art and construction business.  

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