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Khunzakhskiy region – the land of “golden throne”

The Republic of Dagestan, Khunzakhskiy region

In the central part of Middle Daghestan, in the mountains, between Avarian and Andiyskiy Koisu, in their lower part of the stream, Khunzakhskiy region rises. It’s one of the most ancient political centers of Daghestan, the land of “golden throne” – Serir, is famous for its rich history and cultural traditions. Ancient historians and travelers, scientists and explorers wrote about Khunzakh. Archaeological excavations also show the antiquity of Khunzakh’s existence: Khunzakh is more than 2400 years old. On the territory of the region there are the most diverse and inimitable nature corners with the deepest canyons, amazing in their beauty highland lakes and waterfalls, complex in their grit mountain masses, seemingly fantastic tops and rocks. 

In Khunzakhskiy region national poets of Daghestan Gamzat Tsadasa and Rasul Gamzatov, Fazu Alieva were born and raised. In the village Tsada there is the museum-house of national poet of Daghestan G. Tsadasa. In the village Khunzakh, in the former princely house there is a historical-archaeological museum, reflecting culture and way of life of ancient mountain people. Commander, imam Shamil’s naib, participant of the Caucasian war – Khadji-Murat – was also born in Khunzakh. On the territory of the region there is Ziyarat of Sheikh-Abdumuslim of XIV century.

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