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The Republic of Dagestan, Khunzakhskiy region, Arani village

  One can talk about the beauty of the Caucasus for infinity. As well as the Caucasus isn’t like traditional landscapes of Russia, in Daghestan, among noisy mountain rivers, one stands out – the Tobot. This river, flowing along Khunzakh plateau, which is flat as steppes of the Midland, is quiet and peaceful, however not far from the village Arani the water stream falls down into a ravine from a height of 100 meters, filling the neighborhood with incredible noise. For 20 kilometers the Tobot flows quietly, gathering water before the waterfall.

From the top of the ravine reminding Latin letter “V” in this place, the river rushes down in a straight, powerful stream, and only in the end of its way it turns into a cloud of splashes. After their astounding fall the crystals of water soar up from the bottom of the canyon and, lighted by the sun, play in every possible color, creating an unbelievably beautiful picture. Further the Tobot widens the canyon, creating a series of ledges.

The waterfall is the most beautiful and strong in the end of May – the beginning of June, when snow melting in the mountains becomes the most active and precipitation in Daghestan happens more often. However those who are fond of winter landscapes can argue about the beauty – in frosty months the Tobot freezes like a huge icicle, hollow inside (crystal pure and unbelievably delicious water runs through this hollow). The whole ravine is covered with transparent ice as if turning into kingdom of the Snow Queen.

  Tobot waterfall – is one of the most accessible in the Caucasus. To get here it’s necessary to overcome 500 meters’ way from Khunzakh fortress, situated near the village Arani. The sight which opens to the travelers here is really charming – flat plateau suddenly drops off like this is the edge of the world, and from its top, with terrible rumble, a formerly calm river falls down, flying by picturesque walls of rocks. Tobot waterfall is a guarded place. It is considered a unique natural monument of the republic. 

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