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Karadakhskaya ravine – the natural pearl of Daghestan.

The Republic of Dagestan

In Daghestan there is “the Gates of miracles”, it’s the name of a unique nature monument – Karadakhskaya ravine, which is situated between Khunzakhskiy and Gunibskiy regions. While being here, it seems to a person, that he’s standing in a tunnel or a narrow cave, as he’s surrounded by almost pitch darkness. The length of the ravine is 400 meters, width is about 4-6 meters, and maximum height in some places reaches 170 meters. Walls of the ravine seem to be polished from the influence of water. At the top the walls are very close to each other, and even joint. There are parts, where huge rubbles are just stuck between the walls of the ravine. In summer it’s cool and very quiet in the ravine, in gloomy and mysterious silence remote murmur of a river can be heard, and words said in whisper sound like a resonant echo. In other periods almost nobody comes to this place, as it’s either covered by snow or water. For example, in spring, when snow melts, the water level reaches 4 meters. Powerful stream easily carries even the heaviest boulders. Karadakhskaya ravine was formed thanks to a river, running down from mountain slopes and carrying water to the Caspian Sea.

On the way of this river thousands of years ago there was Karadakhskiy mountain ridge, but deep water started to wash it away to continue its way. For many years the water stream was washing the mountain away grit by grit, until a narrow crack appeared. At present Karadakhskaya ravine is a well-known touristic sightseeing of Daghestan.

Those who are fond of pedestrian and mountain rest come here to walk along the riverbed covered with darkness, surrounded by overhanging rocks. A narrow stripe of the sky is seen at the very top of the ravine, and it makes the impression, that a traveller became a prisoner of some well or an adit.

  At the exit from the ravine tourists have the opportunity to see one more miracle of nature – a house of wild bees. Their beehive is built on a height of about 50 meters. Earlier a ladder led to this nest, formed by pickets hammered into the rock, with the help of this ladder, those who like sweets went up for fresh honey.  

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