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Andrei Rublev Museum of Early Russian Culture and Art

10, Andronevskaya Square
+7 (495) 678-50-55, +7 (495) 678-14-89, +7 (495) 678-14-67

The Museum of Early Russian Culture and Art is located in the territory of Andronikov Monastery of the Saviour founded in the middle of XIV century and related to the Battle of Kulikovo and other events of Russian history and culture. In the most ancient architectural monument of Moscow, Spassky Cathedral (20th of XV century), Andrey Rublyov`s frescos, the great icon painter of Ancient Russia, were saved in the window openings of altar. He was Enoch here and in 1430 he was buried in this monastery. Originally only copies and photos were available in the funds but then the icons written off from provincial funds according to their disrepair and frescos removed from the walls started to be received. Now there are more than 5 thousand icons in the museum and among them the works of Dionysius are presented. Except icon fund, the museum owns collection of icon casings, liturgical items, hand-written and printed books (including liturgical and old order chant-books).

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