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Moscow State Integrated Museum Kolomenskoye – Izmailovo – Lefortovo – Lublino

The Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical, Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum was established in 2005 on the basis of the Kolomenskoye Museum. It includes four historical territories: old village Kolomensloye with constructions of the Tsar`s Courtyard, Museum of Wooden Architecture, ancient gardens and parks (XIV-XIX centuries), monuments in Izmailovo estate territory (XVII-XIX centuries), palace and park ensemble of Lefortovo (XVIII century) and natural, historical and cultural complex of N. A. Durasov estate in Lublino (beginning of XIX century). In Kolomenskoye, residences of Grand Dukes of Moscow and Russian tsars since XIV century, the Church of the Ascension built in 1532 is located. It is one of the first Russian stone tent-roof temples which was included in the List of the World Heritage of UNESCO in 1994 together with the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square. On 15 May 2008 Museum of Wooden Architecture organized on the basis of original monuments was opened in Kolomenskoye. Museum collections include tower of Nikolo-Korelsky monastery from the coast of the White Sea, Bratsk stockaded forts and Mokhovaya Tower of Sumskoy prison built till the second half of XVII century.

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