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A. A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum

31/21, Bakhrushina Str.
+7 (495) 953-44-70

The A. A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum is a unique phenomenon of the Russian culture. Museum was founded in the mid-nineties of XIX century starting from the private collection of famous Moscow manufacturer and patron of art Aleksey Aleksandrovich Bakhrushin (1865—1929). Today museum funds have included more than 1,5 million exhibits, among which sketches of theater dresses and decorations of outstanding artists of scenography, photos and portraits, onstage dresses of great actors and also programs and theater bills of performances, rare editions about theater art, items of decorative and applied art and many others. Theater collection became one of the most valuable museum collections of the modern Russia, works of Bakst, Golovin, Kustodiev, Dobuzhinsky, Korovin, Juon, Roerich, Tatlin, Ekster, Rodchenko, Popova and other outstanding artists are presented in it. The most diversified exhibitions are conducted in the main museum building and in its numerous branches. Besides excursion program museum can organize lectures on the theater history using unique fund materials, meetings with well-known artists and creative evenings.


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