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Federal State Establishment of Culture the State Museum of Oriental Art

12A, Nikitsky Blvd.

The State Museum of Oriental Art which occupies the “Luniny`s House”, was founded on 30 October 1918 and is one of the largest cultural and educational centers where the art of Far East and Middle East as well as Central Asia, Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Kazakhstan, Buryatia, Chukotka and others is the most fully presented. Museum funds include paintings, drawings, sculptures, decorative and applied art of Japan, China, Korea, Iran, India, Vietnam, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia and many other countries. Unique samples of ancient and medieval sculpture, including Buddhist, classical and modern paintings, artworks of the art lacquer artists, textiles and jewelries, wood and bone carving, works of the miniature sculpture, arms and different everyday subjects inspire wonder. Special place among permanent museum expositions is taken by the works of outstanding artists, thinkers, scholars and educators - Nikolai and Sviatoslav Roerich. Exhibitions of artworks of the central domestic and foreign figures of culture are regularly conducted in the museum along with permanent expositions.

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