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Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center Peace, Progress, Human Rights

bld. 6, 57, Zemlyanoy Val Str.

The Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center was founded in 1996. “Totalitarian Past”, “The life and activities of Andrei Sakharov” and “Modern Problems of Russia” constitute the main directions of its research, public and exhibition activities. Mission of the Museum and Public Center is to contribute to the preservation of the historic memory of tens of millions of victims of the political repressions and crimes of the Soviet regime and contribute to the establishment of the values of an open democratic society and state in today’s Russia, as advocated and shared by Andrei Sakharov. In Moscow it was the first exposition opened for general public devoted to the memory of millions of people sacrificed to communist utopia. Author of the exposition art solution was architect Evgeniy Ass. In 1997 implemented project of museum exposition was awarded for the Best Interior at Moscow Architecture Competition within the frames of the exhibition “Architecture and Design”.

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