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Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Kuznetzkiy most, 12

The exhibition of the unique museum of arcade machines acquaints visitors with the entertainment of Soviet children and shows 40 types of arcade machines, including some that still work.

The museum’s collection currently contains Magistral, Morskoy boi, a carbonated water vending machine, Gorodki, Avtorally-M, Duplet, Zond, Billiard, Snezhnaya koroleva, Tsirk, Telesport, Obgon, Virazh, Kran, Istrebiteli, Fortuna, and many more.

One can play online versions of Soviet arcade machines on the museum’s website and familiarise oneself with the devices. While in the museum of arcade machines itself, a visitor is given a 15-kopek coin and tokens together with the entry ticket, and can become completely immersed in the Soviet past (for many this also means a journey into childhood).

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