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State Literature Museum

28, Petrovka street
+7 (495) 621-38-57, +7 (495) 625-12-26+7 495 +7 (495) 695-44-94

The State Literature Museum (SLM) is the largest museum of history of the Russian literature in Russia. In May 1931 NarKomPros RSFSR established special Commission for the Central Literature Museum preparation and organization in Moscow. In 1933 the Central Museum of Fiction, Criticism and Journalism was organized, and in 1934 it united with the Literature Museum at All-Union Library of USSR named after V. I. Lenin. Today SLM funds have numbered over 700 thousand stock-keeping units documenting history of the Russian literature from the earliest times. These are hand-written and first printed books, lifetime editions and books with authors` autographs, personal archives and funds of Russian literature and culture figures and also archives of publishing houses, creative associations, unique photos, works of the most outstanding Russian artists, items of applied art and monuments of culture. Also there are everyday objects, collection of memorial things, collections of playbills, records of folklore, phonorecords of writers` voices and videotaped speeches here.

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