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International Centre-Museum by name of N.K. Roerich

3/5, M. Znamensky Lane

The International Centre by name of Roerich and its public Museum named after N. K. Roerich were founded on the initiative of S. N. Roerich in 1989. On the basis of his will he transferred from India to Russia in the name of Roerich's Soviet Fund (nowadays – Roerich`s International Center) a creative heritage of his parents – N. K. Roerich and E. I. Roerich. Museum exposition is a unique collection of their pictures, drawings of Y. N. Roerich and E. I. Roerich, books from their private library and also diaries, manuscripts, collections of bronze, items of Scythian culture, photos and documents linked to the scientific, artistic and public activities. Creative heritage of Roerich family is based on ideas of philosophy of space Reality “Live Ethics”.

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