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Paskov’s House

Mokhovaya Str., 1

The main house of the Mansion that belonged to Captain-Leiutenant  P. Pashkov is the most beautiful building in the Russian classicism style. Architect V. Bazhenov built the house in 1784-1787. The Muscovites used to call this four-storied white stone mansion with two side wings and a belvedere crowned with a spire “a magic castle on the hill”.

It was bought by the government in 1839 from the Pashkov’s descendents. In 1861, The Rumyantsev’s Museum (based on the collections of earl N. Rumyantsev moved from St. Peterburg and public library were opened in the house. In 1924 the Rumyantsev’s Museum was disbanded. Book collection of Public Library made a basis of the State Library named after Lenin that was arranged in the Pashkov’s House. In 1986, when building the “Borovitskaya” metro Station nearby, the foundation of the house sank ant its floors cracked. The reconstruction works lasted for about 20 years. Now, a cultural-exhibition complex is arranged in the main building and departments of the Russian State Library work in the side wings.

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