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Neskuchny Garden

14-20, Leninskiy prospect
+7 (495) 995-00-20

The oldest park in Moscow is on the right bank of the river Moscow next to the Central Park of Culture and Recreation with an area from the Green Theatre up to the Third Ring Road (Tretie Transportnoye Koltso). It was created in 1834 as a result of integration of three estates of 18th century. It maintains a great number of landmarks including the house of Count Orlov by 1796 (there is a library and a reading hall now), a house with rotunda is on the Elizavetinskiy pond, three-span stone arch bridge, descents and flights, foot bridges over ravines. It was due to the plants that had been carried from Solikamsk’s botanic garden, where about 2 thousand of plants were gathered especially for the garden. There were a lot of stone greenhouses for palm trees and trees from tropical countries, and on the fifth top platform there was a big pond and a poultry yard with rare species of birds and animals sent from Holland and England. In addition, ground sheds and greenhouses were to grow pineapples, grapes and couch other plants.

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