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Muzeon, The Sculpture Park

2, Krymskiy Val
+ 7 (499) 238-33-96; +7 (985) 382-27-32

MUSEON Park of arts was founded in 1992 and was originally conceived as a park of arts, to a large extent, thanks to a neighborhood with the Tretyakov gallery and the Central House of Artist as well as monuments of culture and architecture of the XVII-XX cc. In the nineties and zero years the park has become a favorite place for walks of Muscovites due to a convenient location and a well-groomed territory. There are over 700 sculptures in the Museon’s collection many of which are the outstanding monuments of the Soviet epoch, for example, a monument of Mukhina and Shadra’s work dedicated to Maxim Gorky or a fragment of Vychetich’s sculpture (copy) named “Stand to the death”.

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