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Losiny Island

Losinoostrovskaya Str.
+ 7 (903) 744–58–55

It is known since 1406. During the period XV to XVII centuries the lands were in composition of Tayninsky Palace Volost - the land of which had been served since ancient times as hunting lands for Russian princes and tsars.  For instance, Ivan IV was hunting bears here in 1564.  The first forestry was established in 1842 and that year first ordering of forests had been carried out.  Based on its results the following was observed: fir (67%) dominated in forest reserve, but subsequently it was replaced with pine and birch. The forestry officer Vasily Gershner made the ground in 1844 for formation of man-made forests at Losiny Island.  Active forestry improvement works, including pine seeding and planting, have been carried out within 115 years. The idea of the national park establishment appeared in 1909, and in 1934 the Losiny Island was included in 50-km "green circle" around Moscow.

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