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Park of the Kolomenskoe Mano

39, Andropova Prospect

According to the legend, the Kolomenskoe village has been established by Kolomna inhabitants escaped from Batyj who burned their town in 1237.  In 1339, Grand Duke Ivan Kalita had reminded of the village in his devise of property. The manor was the estate of Moscow grand dukes and tsars. According to the Order Vasily III, a hipped roof Church of the Ascension had been building here in 1528-1532 in honour of his successor Ivan IV (Grozny). By November 1649, the Temple of the Kazan Mother of God with two side altars was built and consecrated here. Since that time, the feast of the Kazan Mother of God had started to be celebrated everywhere (it is celebrated in the 4th November at our days).


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