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Serebryany Bor

Serebryany Bor

Since the XVII century, Serebryany Bor is famous for its pine forest (age of some trees makes up over 200 years nowadays). In the ХVII century, all neighbouring estates had been united in Khoroshevskaya Stable Volost (small rural district in old Russia) where the flocks of horses intended for the royal cavalry were put out to grass. According to the Emperor's Order in 1885, local lands were given to a stud farm. A special department which became a successor of all estates of Stable Volost had begun letting on lease big plots of land for development at the end of ХIХ century in consequence of the country life reviving. The country settlement had simple design: strict squares – cuttings and lines. Moscow Governor-General the Grand Duke Sergey Aleksandrovich became one of the first vacationer here. Its name has served good advertisement, and the settlement began to be inhabited with Moscow aristocracy, eminent merchant class.  Nowadays, prominent statesmen, the deputies of the State Duma, ambassadors and military attaches from big world states as well as famous actors and people of art live here. 

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