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Altufievsky Park

149 Altufievskoe Shosse

It is situated at the territory of Altufievo manor, and it is known since the end of the XVI century. Garden and park complex had been mainly formed in the middle of the XIX century, when N.A. Zherebtsov was the master of Altufievo. Bigger part of the old park of the manor survives to this day. Two lime-tree lanes are to the south of the manor and they form the basis of the park layout. A circular ground is organised at the intersection of the lanes. Two semi-circular grounds are near a pond and a master's house.  There are also big American maples and Pennsylvanian ash trees. Giant silver maple brought in from the North America grows in the northern part of the park.  Decorative group of birches, brittle willows and white willows is by the pond.  Fruit orchard full of apple trees and plum trees, and raspberry bushes is closer to the pond.  The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross erected in 1760s is on the manor territory, and also a house of the manor masters and brewery and support structures of the end of XVIII century survive to this day.

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