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Park of Vorontsovo Manor

Street Academy of Pilyugin

Vorontsovo Manor is mentioned in the renowned epic novel 'War and Peace' written by L.N. Tolstoy.  Zinaida Aleksandrovna Volkonskaya, the mistress of well-known literary salon, became a proprietor of the village in 1825.  Afterwards, Vorontsovo was in possession of Adjutant General the Duke Nickolay Grigorievich Repnin, a son of Aleksandra Nickolaevna Volkonskaya. Just some of its constructions made of brick survive to this day. A unique front access to the manor arouses particular interest yet it is made of pseudo-gothic castle-type towers which reminds of constructions in Tsaritsyno. Probably, it was built by P.I. Bazhenov. One-floor brick guardrooms executed in the same style adjoin them.  In front of the towers closer to the road you may see the gate pillars installed at the end of XIX-XX centuries.  Two pairs of wings survive in Vorontsovo – they are located closed to the pond.

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