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Bauman Garden of Culture and Recreation

15, Staraya Basmannaya Street
+7 (499) 261-58-83

Historical site of landscape architecture and garden and park art, which is located between Staraya Basmannaya Street and Novo-Basmannaya Street. The main entrance is from Novo-Basmannaya Street between sites 14 and 16 (front arch executed in neoclassic style was made in 1950 following the design of the architect I. Melchakov). Its history goes back to the beginning of the XVI century to the family gardens of the Golitsyn dynasty.  Moscow rich with the century garden traditions appeared under influence of the Holland and consequently of the French and British trends in park planning with arrival of fashionable European trends. Based on these innovations, the Duke M.P. Golitsyn made single landscape design in the form of park laid out behind its mansion on Staraya Basmannaya Street (estate No. 15) in 1700, and he passed it over to the city in 1782 as outdoor recreation area. According to the witnesses, the Muscovites “were allowed to be walking around the garden”. 

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