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7A, Pervaya Ostankinskaya Street

It has received a status of strictly preserved natural territory, including Ostankino Park and Ostankino Palace and Park Complex, Main Botanic Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the All-Russian Exhibition Centre territory, and the part of the Yauza River, in 1998. The Ostankino Park was installed in 1793 under design of the architects A, Mironov and P. Argunov as the park by the Counts Sheremetiev mansion. Two-hundred years oak forest the part of which is attributed to the Main Botanic Garden of RAS makes a basis of green planting. You may see here lime trees, elms, maples, which are often presented by one-hundred specimens. Burial mounds of the Slavic settlements of XI—XIII centuries survive at the park territory.  Regular part of the park (11 Ha) with a pond adjoins Ostankino Palace and Park Complex and includes the part of survived fragment of regular garden with a parterre and geometrically right-arranged paths and big landscape park. A stage, a dancing floor, a reading room, a billiard hall, and sports grounds and ski station are organized in the landscape park.  The park is also used for walking and recreation.

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