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Primeval thick forest was in the place of the present-day Sokolniki Park in the XIV-XV centuries. Stromynskaya Road from Moscow through Cherkizovo to Stromyn village had been passed through the forest.  In the XV century,
the territory of Moscow's Sokolniki was a place of grand-ducal falconry, which was especially common in the XVII century during reigning of Aleksey Mikhailovich. The Emperor Peter I and Aleksandr I liked to spend their time in Sokolniki.  Young tsars organized busy receptions here for their friends.  Subsequently, Sokolniki turned to be a place of traditional festivities of Moscow aristocracy and people. The city became the owner of Sokolnichiya Grove and of neighbouring Oleniya Grove in 1879 by purchasing out the territory of modern Sokolniki Park from the national treasury for 300 thns roubles. The major role in this event was played by one of the representatives of the family of rich merchants and Moscow patrons - the Moscow Head S.M. Tretyakov, who was the brother of P.M. Tretyakov, the founder of Tretyakov Gallery. Working hours: 24/7, Free entry. 

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