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Ekaterininskiy park

Olympijskiy prospect
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Is a part of “Severnyi zelenyi luch” (The Northern Green Ray) and has the status of the city natural complex and valuable urban landscape. The partial recovery of ponds, reconstruction of historical planning and the system of landscape gardening are provided for on the territory. The palace manor is protected as an object of
cultural heritage of the federal significance, but the palace and the nearby territory are still closed for the visitors.

Up to the XV century there was the line of ponds in the Naprudnaya’s riverbed, which fell into the Neglinnaya downstream in the district of modern Samotyochnaya Ploschad (square). The development of the territory along the Naprudnaya’s flow started in the XVI century. Krestovozdvizhensky monastery was carried here, and later on Ioanna Voina church was built.

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