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Tambov regional art gallery

392000, Tambov, Sovetskaya str., 97
(4752) 72-46-27

July 1, 1894, the reading room was opened, which was called Naryshkin. The building was equipped with a library or a Special library. In 1896 opened Dispensing library, housed a historical-ethnographic Museum. The hall passed through public lectures, concerts folk choir.
In 1917-1918 Naryshkin reading room became known as the House meetings and conferences. Here at the beginning of March 1918, at the first Congress of Soviets of workers', peasants ' and red army deputies was proclaimed Soviet power in Tambov province, and in April 1918 the building and all the values were nationalized. In 1918 on the basis of the art Department Naryshkin reading nationalized and works from private collections Arapovic, Boratynsky, Boldyreva, Naryshkin, Stroganov in Tambov was founded provincial art Museum, which was closed in 1929, and his funds became part of the Museum. Since 1932 on the second floor, first worked in Tambov sound theatre "Komsomolets". In the Naryshkin library in 1923 was transferred to the Central provincial library. In 1983 in the former building of Naryshkin reading translated art gallery, the Grand opening of which took place in July of the same year.

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