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Moscow Theater Sovremennik

19, Chistoprudnij bulvar
+7(495) 621-64-73

Moscow Theater “Sovremennik” was founded by the group of young actors in1956. Ina post-war history of the country, in the days of cult of personality of Stalin exposure it became the first theater born by free creative association of like-minded persons group which could defend itself as integral art group. Theater founders - Oleg Efremov, Galina Volchek, Igor Kvasha, Liliya Tolmacheva, Evgeniy Yevstigneev, Oleg Tabakov and others joined them were recent graduates of the School-studio of theMoscowArtTheater. Sovremennik was born in the years when theater was separated from life by invisible but blank wall, when stagnancy of theatrical system practically mummified the heritage of MKhAT founders. In the protest against this “carrion” to master and develop K.S.Stanislavsky's method in new conditions and to prove viability of psychological theater young actors founded the theater.

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