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Moscow State Theatre Lenkom

6, Malaya Dmitrovka
Справки: +7 (495) 699-96-68, касса: +7 (495) 699-07-08,

Today Moscow State Theatre “Lenkom” is well known to all people - bothMoscowcitizens and tourists, enthusiastic theater-goers and those who go to see performances no more than once or twice per year. “Lenkom” is a theater which is impossible to skirt, the theater of actors-stars and superstars, outstanding directors and play-writers, the theater of amazing creative youth, innovation, daring experiments, longevity and constancy of success in its spectator. Before the revolution in this building constructed in 1907 by architect Ivanov-Schitz in modern style “modern” the Merchant club was located. Afterwards the building was expropriated for the “anarchy house” and one year later anarchists were kicked out not without fighting and inside this building communist university named after Y.M.Sverdlova was located. That is why before its birth the future theater named after Lenin's Komsomol, nowadays “Lenkom”, was already bearing in its stage and walls the memory of young enthusiasm of the new society builders. The memory of high tradition of Russian art also lived there.

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