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The Central Academic Theatre of Russian Army

Suvorov Square, 2
(495) 681-1584, (495) 681-2110

The theater has arisen in 1929 at the Central House of Red Army. Up to 1946 the theater carried the name of Theatre of Red Army, has been then renamed into Theatre of the Soviet Army, and since 1991 it carries the name Theatre of the Russian Army.

Building of theater of the Russian army — a masterpiece of architecture of an epoch of "a Stalin empire style». The monumental structure has been erected in 1940-1941 under the project of architects K.S.Alabjana and V.N.Simoirtseva and has in the plan the form of the five-pointed star, each of which beams is surrounded by a colonnade. One more feature is that it possesses the biggest scenic platform in Europe, its Big hall is calculated practically on 2000 spectator places.

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