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Moscow Theater of Drama named after A.S.Pushkin

23, Tverskoy bulvar
+7 (495) 694-12-89

The first art director of the Moscow Theater of Drama named after A.S.Pushkin was appointed Vasily Vanin. Well-known and talented actor of theater and cinema, the people`s artist of the USSR, as a basis of repertoire policy of the Theatre named after A.S.Pushkin he saw Russian classics and modern native dramaturgy. Its traditions were continued by other talented directors, and in April 2001 the honored artist of the Russian Federation Roman Kozak became the art director of the theater named after A.S.Pushkin. Its basic policy is to invite art directors of high level. “Veteran stage directors will produce on big stage and young on small stage … Branch should become the field for experiences, tests and errors. It is necessary to try to make theatrical event on the big stage with stars and famous directors”. Kozak staged 15 performances among which there was hot and passionate “Dzhan” based on Platonov`s prose, “hit of the season” – “Оffиc”, modern parable “Locust”. “Theater named after A.S.Pushkin is a place of cultural events – it was a creative program of Kozak. This is the purpose defining a way of “theater” life. Now the art director of the theater named after A.S.Pushkin is appointed the honored artist of Russia Evgeniy Pisarev.

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