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Ermolova Moscow Drama Theatre

5/6 Tverskaya st
+7 (495) 629-05-94

Ermolova Moscow Drama Theatre is located in an ancient building at the heart of which facade part is one of the largest mansions atTverskaya streetbuilt in 1830th. With some changes the two-storeyed house with an attic in the center existed until 1897 when merchant Postnikov reconstructed it transforming into trade passage and locating the hotel on the top floors. Here from 1931 till 1938 GosTIM was located (V.E.Meyerhold Theater). Within the walls of this building the well-known production “Ladies with camellias” was being come into world. Such young actors as Igor Ilinsky, Erast Garin, Zinaida Raih, Maria Babanova, Lev Sverdlin, Maksim Strauh played on this stage. Now the theater is still one of the leading groups ofMoscownot only retaining traditions but also making productions up-to-date.

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