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The Oleg Tabakov Studio Theater in Moscow

1a, bldg 1, Chapligina st
+7 495 624 46 47

In1978, adim bulb above the cellar door of a respectable house onChaplygin Streetlit the way into seemingly ‘anti-theatrical’ premises sought out by Oleg Tabakov and planned by scene-designer David Borovsky. The wet walls of the cellar, that had long stored coal grit and all kinds of waste, scraped down and ‘domesticated’ by Oleg Tabakov’s students in GITIS studio and their teachers were painted black and cement floor was boarded and painted the same color. The tiny theatre proclaimed “Young Actors’ Studio” could house only a dozen rows of benches, so only the lucky few could obtain the tickets after queuing for hours. Once commercial house was entitled ‘legendary’ due to some of its inhabitants: polar explorer Krenkel, mathematician Chaplygin, head of the NKVD Yezhov. The paradox of the time is that today it’s not the upper floors that make the house remarkable, but the cellar – “the Underground”, “Tabakerka” (tobacco box), the Oleg Tabakov Studio Theatre.

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