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The Theater Commonwealth of Actors of Taganka

76/21 Zemlianoy Val st
+7 (495) 915–11–48

The Theater “CommonwealthofActorsof Taganka” is created in April, 1993 by the Decision of the Moscow City Council of People's Deputies. Basis of the new theater troupe was made by 36 actors and part of employees of the theater onTaganka street. After the decision of the Moscow Council was taken on the theater “CommonwealthofActorsof Taganka” foundation young team had to go through dozens of litigations, including twice in the Supreme Arbitration Court of theRussian Federation, to confirm its right to live and work. In newly created theater the following actors have passed among whom were Z.Slavina, N.Sayko, L.Filatov, M.Lebedev, V.Pogoreltsev, T.Zhukov and I.Ulyanova. These are people, who have comprised the basis of Taganka troupe for more than one decade and who rightly shared with Y.P.Lyubimov success of staged by him performances. Many of them worked in Taganka Theater from the date of its foundation. It is enough to say that all premier artists composition of the performance “Kind Person from Sezuan” appeared in “CommonwealthofActorsof Taganka”.

The People`s Artist of Russia N.N.Gubenko was appointed as the Artist Director of the Theater at the request of the team.

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