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Moscow Theatre Masterskaya P.N. Fomenko

30/32 Kutuzovskij prospekt
+7 (499) 249-19-21

The Moscow Theatre “Masterskaya P.N.Fomenko” is founded in July 1993. However “fomenki” themselves (as from an easy hand of journalists artists of the theater are named not only inMoscowbut also in the world) have dated their biography since July 1988. Then Peter Naumovich Fomenko completed group of students into his educational workshop at the Faculty of Directors of GITIS (nowadays –RussianUniversityof Theater Arts). Five years of study have shown that people whom destiny gathered together in summer 1988 can and are able to create real theatrical miracles. The performances created during student years repeatedly became prize-winners of various theatrical festivals. So, performance “Vladimir of IIIrd degree” based on N. V.Gogol has been awarded the first prize of Youth Jury at the international festival of drama schools “Podium-91”. Performance “Adventure” based on M.Tsvetaeva – awards “Hit of the Season” in 1992 and performance “Wolves and sheep” based on A.N.Ostrovsky (Artistic Director Petr Fomenko) received Grand Prize at the international theatrical festival “Contact” (Poland) in 1993.

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