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Theater Near Stanislavsky House in Moscow

9a Voznesenskij pereulok
+7 (495) 690-25-57

Small theater is located at the Boulevard Ring and house of Stanislavsky. Near everything that is close and valuable for the people who love Russian culture. Admirers call this theater simply OKOLO (near). And this is close to the truth. Pogrebnichko theater doesn't claim for central places it is enough to be NEAR, but at the same time warm and human indeed. This is the theater-philanthropist. In its performances exterior marginality is combined with deep humanity, to a spasm in the throat. It is interested in people who exist not at the center but on the verge of society. They are true heroes solving eternal issues on which only life can give its answers. Theater headed by Artistic Director Yury Pogrebnichko was founded in 1988. Repertoire includes more than 20 performances. In 2004 theater was on fire and the main stage ceased to exist. Today performances have been staged inLA STALLA(60 places). The theater has full of creative plans and hopes to recover burnt hall.

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