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Moscow Youth Theater

10 Mamonovskij Lane
+7 (495) 650-41-47

One of the oldest theaters ofMoscowof the new time started its history in 1920 becoming the first in the never-ending number of the Soviet theaters with faceless name Youth Theater. Everything was changed in 1987 when the premiere of “The Dog`s Heart” by M.Bulgakov produced by the new main Director of Moscow Youth Theater Genrietta Yanovskaya took place.

Performance became not only the beginning of the new era, but also a symbol of free Russian theater revival after long forced underground it again started talking at the top of its voice. A voice, which due to triumphal tours of “The Dog`s Heart” was heard in Europe. The ordinary ‘children's’ theater became “Theatre for People” – as Genrietta Yanovskaya says. It became a theater famous far beyondRussiawhich every work inevitably attracts an interest of international theater society. Moscow Youth Theater today is the theater of such directors as Genrietta Yanovskaya and Kama Ginkas, Scene-Designer Sergey Barkhin and talented troupe.

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