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Moscow Theater of Drama on Malaya Bronnaya

4 Malaya Bronnaya
+7 (495) 690-40-93

In 1945 on a theatrical map of the capital a new creative group appeared – Moscow Theater of Drama which was headed by art director Sergey Mayorov. The basis of the new troupe was made by the actors of different Moscowtheaters and some graduates of theatrical college named after M.S.Schepkin. The building at Spartakovskaya street, 26, near the metro station “Baumanskaya” has been given to the theater. Rehearsals were conducted in parallel with reconstruction of the theater building which doors were opened for spectators on 9 March 1946 when the first performance (“Gold hoop” M.Kozakov and A.Mariengof performance) was shown. Today the theater repertoire includes Russian and foreign classics, fabulous children's fairy tales. Sergey Golomazov's performances have designated the beginning of a new epoch in the theater life attracting new modern spectator including youth in the theater. Nowadays Malaya Bronnaya Theatre is included into ten the most visited theaters of the capital.

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