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Nikitsky Gate Theatre under the direction of Mark Rozovsky in Moscow

23/14/9 Bolshaya Nikitskaya
+7 (495) 695-82-19

“Nikitsky Gate” Theatre under the direction of Mark Rozovsky inMoscowwas founded in 1983 by the Artistic Director and play-writer Mark Rozovsky. The theater repertoire is really unique: anyone who comes here is amazed by its variety – here there are both musicals, literary-musical performances, philosophical parables, tragicomedy and pure drama. All this variety is united first of all by a bet placed on psychologism and humanity. The Artistic Director of the theater Mark Rozovsky was able to create fantastic actor's ensemble, transforming amateur theater into highly professional one. The theater has auditorium for 80 seats. According to the Decision of the Government of Moscow location of the former cinema of “Povtorny film” (Repeated film) had been transferred into the theater and shall subject to the capital repair after one more - the main stage will be built in the theater for 250 spectators.

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