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The Moscow Hermitage Theater

3 - 1, Karetnij Riad str.
+7 (495) 650-67-42

The Moscow Hermitage Theater – well-known ‘pleasure garden’ on Karetny Ryad streetis called like that. Its founder, Y.V.Schukin (1856-1926), who rose from barkeeper and restaurateur to impresario and patron of art, borrowed this name from his predecessor, M.V.Lentovsky (1843 1906), the most quaint and bright figure. An actor, entrepreneur and mainly – inventor, organizer of exotic fairy-shows, Lentovsky was the founder of show business in Russia.
TodayGarden with its restaurants, attractions and other mass inventions is a center of ‘culture and rest’ industry. Illegible people include also theaters in it – here “Sphere” and “New opera” are also located. But this theater-house doesn't forget initiating meaning of ‘ermitage’ word – a corner of the eremite, a solitude place. It ‘does not service’ idle observers but collects its own spectators to retire with them into other reality.

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