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Moscow Theater School of the Modern Play

29/14 Neglinnaya st
+7 (499) 253-09-45

The history of the Moscow Theater “School of the Modern Play” started more than twenty years ago when Artistic Director Joseph Rayhelgauz and its like-minded person Marina Druzhinina have opened a new theater in the building of former restaurant “Hermitage”. From the moment of its foundation and till the present time the main specifics of the “School of the Modern Play” is its repertoire. The preference here is given to the new, almost unknown performances and mainly Russian authors, preferably not staged anywhere before. For the last years there were practically no ‘classical’ performances of recognized play-writers in the “School of the Modern Play” on posters. The exception can be given only to Chekhov. But each new premiere opens new names. Evgeniy Grishkovets is likely to become the brightest discovery of the “School of the Modern Play”. The emphasis on the modern productions creates an effect of ‘long-playing’ interest from the side of audience. For example, performance “Why You are in the Dress Coat?” staged in 1992 based on the works of “memorable Anton Palych” and since then played more than 600 times is still gathering full auditoriums.

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