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Moscow Immaculate Conception Catholic Cathedra

Malaya Gruzniskaya str. 27/13
+7 (499) 252-39-11шш

Till the end of a XIX-th century in Moscow existed two Catholic temples – St. Louis (on Small Lubyanka) and свв. Apostles Peter and Pavel (in the Miljutinsky lane д.18, it is nowadays closed). By then the number of parishioners has reached 30 thousand persons, and in 1894 the decision to erect a new filial temple of arrival свв was accepted. Apostles Peter and Pavel. When the building license approved by emperor Nikolay II, has been received, the huge community of the Moscow Poles has begun to collect means for construction. Money sent from all country and from abroad: many Russian, Byelorussians, Poles (including exiled), sent the donations.

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