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Sacred Louis Frantsuzsky's temple

Malaya Lubyanka str., 12a
+7 (495) 625-46-65

Sacred Louis Frantsuzsky's temple — a Catholic temple in Moscow. One of two operating Catholic temples of Moscow.

The new period has begun with the beginning of 90th years in temple life. On April, 13th, 1991 father John Pavel II declared creation for Catholics of a Latin ceremony of the European part of Russia. The solemn introduction into a post of the apostolic manager of archbishop Tadeusha Kondrusevicha has taken place in Sacred Louis temple on May, 28th, 1991 Now because the third Catholic temple of Moscow — the temple of St. apostles Peter and Pavel in the Miljutinsky lane and hasn't been returned Church, in Sacred Louis temple hold services as Sacred Louis arrival (mainly ex - and English-speaking), and St. Peter's arrival and Pavel (mainly Russian-speaking).

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