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Municipal budgetary institution "Museum and exhibition center"

628481, 628481,Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra Kogalym, St. Friendship of Peoples, the house And 40
+7 (34667) 25123
+7 (34667) 50051

The total exhibition area is about 700 square meters. In the space of the permanent exhibition in thematic sequence presents the history and development of the city of Kogalym, the emergence of the oil industry in the region and the achievement of LLC "LUKOIL - Western Siberia", the halls, introducing the nature and Ethnography of Yugra, as well as way of life and traditions of the indigenous people of the North - Khanty. In addition, the Museum square showroom for exhibiting objects of fine and decorative-applied arts and interchangeable themed exhibitions.The unusual exhibition is that it is equipped with modern multimedia technology that accompanies thematic exposition blocks interactive programmes and bright informative videos about the construction of Kogalym, cultural and natural resources and the people of the town, on the development of the industrial sector. Pride of the exhibition is a collection of rare Museum pieces: a collection of lamps IV - XII centuries, samovars, kerosene lamps, etc.

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