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Monument to B.Sh. Okudzhava on Stary Arbat

between the buildings 45 and 47 on Arbat Str.

The monument to Bulat Okudzhava (sculptor – G. Frangulyan, architects – I. Popov, V. Proshlyakov) was unveiled on May 8, 2002. The event coincides with two significant dates in the life of the poet: Victory day, in the name of which he had struggled in the front of the Great Patriotic War for 3 years, and the date of his birth – May 9, 2002, when he would be 78 years old. Sculpture composition is 2.5 mhigh and is made as a small yard, where the poet spent his childhood. The two arches with citations from the poet’s oeuvre are fixed up on the stone platform. There are the sculpture of poet, coming through the arch, the table and two benches. All details are made of bronze. The creators of sculpture group of Okudzhava in Arbat had an aim to recreate a piece of Arbatsky yard. The big part of the poet’s life was related exactly to this yard. Okudzhava lived here for many years. Soulful lines of his poetry are devoted to this street, calling it his “motherland” and “religion”.

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