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The sculpture Worker and Kolkhoz Woman

Prospekt Mira

The sculpture «Worker and Kolkhoz Woman» (sculptor – Mukhina V.I., architect – Iofan B.M.)  was opened in 1938 before - the North entrance to the «All-RussianExhibitionCenter". It represents a dynamic sculptural group of two figures, the worker and kolkhoznitsa, with  raised up and contacting hands in which they hold the hammer and sickle. The monument is made of stainless chromium-nickel steel. Height of sculpture about25 meters, the height of the pedestal pavilion - 34.5 meters. Total weight - 185 tons. The monument was created by sculptor Vera Mukhina for the World Exhibition inParisin 1937. There it was placed on a pedestal of 34.5 meters high. In 1939, the sculpture was installed next to the VDNH (AllRussianExhibitionCenter), but at the 11meter pedestal. The decision to dismantle the sculpture and its restoration was made in 2003. After works performed it was installed on a new pedestal, which is closer to the Mira Avenue.

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